Listed below are some testimonials from various individuals detailing their experiences and reflections after returning from Israel.



“This trip has re-affirmed my belief that God is so real in my life” Jim, WA


“As a Pastor studying and teaching about Jesus and Israel for many years, visiting Israel was not only a lifetime dream, but also a life changing experience! The Bible comes alive before you from black and white into “Technicolor !” To tour the Land of the Bible by walking the streets that Jesus walked and seeing Jerusalem as Jesus saw it from the Mount of Olives, was not only a deep emotional experience but also an indescribable overwhelming spiritual encounter. This has enriched my spiritual walk and instills in me a greater urgency to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.” Ps Ken, VIC


“Will come again through your organisation” Baby, WA


“Your Tour is one I extremely enjoyed being on. God bless you Julie. May God prosper you in all your future endeavours to take people to Israel, to their roots and to experience God’s goodness as they walk on the land where Yeshua our Jewish Saviour walked” Ps Zina, VIC


“Helped me see the Bible with more clarity” Chris, QLD


“Excellent Tour. Well planned and monitored. Excellent group dynamics. Made many friends. Enjoyed devotions and site ministry.” Ps. Clive, VIC


“Wonderful journey Spirit- filled” Carolvin, SIN


“Baptism in the Jordan, was a great experience seeing the Biblical sites and walking on the paths where Jesus walked, was a dream come true. I was always praying for this experience and God made it possible. I feel very blessed.” Ps Shalen, NSW


“Excellent sites, Excellent worship service. Everything excellent. May God bless all concerned with the Tour” Laurene, VIC


“Very interesting. Very impactful. Awesome trip.” Kevin, SIN


“Was a great Tour!” Anthony


“Trip planned was good and enjoyable. Received God’s blessing in seeing the Promised Land” Aru, SIN


“Strong presence of God through the trip” Jane, WA


“After 9 years in ministry (and being a Christian for more than 40 years) and having travelled to 22 countries and more than 60 cities, I finally visited Israel on a trip organised by Julie Roche. The country is amazing! God has a covenant with the Jewish people, just like He has a covenant with Christians via the cross. God is a covenant keeping God! Dorothy and I visited the Holy Land in the first week of January 2012 - it was a great way to commence the Year of the Lord's favour. This trip was an amazing one. I have a recommendation for readers... Take a trip to Israel. You will be blessed.” Ps Steven, VIC


“Well done really enjoyed the Tour!” Carol, VIC


“For me personally the scriptures come to life. I have a new experience of Jesus Thank you for the opportunity to visit Israel” Phillip, NSW


“No words enough to say thank you Shekinah Tours. Best trip we ever had.” Ps Moses/Alice, NZ


“This trip has helped me to have a clearer understanding of the Old Testament. I will re-read it in the right perspective” Ena, VIC


“This is the land of God Most High. It will remain His land- I will return again and again.”Allis, SIN


“I feel so privileged to be part of this Tour group. It made the scriptures come alive to me. I am going back with a renewed mind & heart.” Ps Phillip/Irene, NSW

“A remarkable spiritual experience for me.” David, SIN


During the fourth watch of the night Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. (Matthew 14:25)