Bible Tours for your Church

Organising a bible tour for your church can be a daunting experience that takes up a substantial amount of time and resources. That is why Shekinah Tours works with churches to handle every aspect of such tours, releasing you to focus on what God has called you to do - to be a shepherd to your congregation.

The following points summarize what we do:

• We work closely with pastors, churches, bible schools, student groups and other Christian ministries to organize standard and customised tours to sites featured in the Bible at competitive prices. These sites include locations in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece and Italy.

• We work with experienced partners in each of these destinations to ensure that the group has a meaningful and comfortable experience.

• We do short non-obligatory presentations to church congregations and bible schools. These presentations could be a part of a Sunday service, prayer meeting, lecture or Bible study.

• Prior to departure, we organize a pre-trip briefing to all tour participants to ensure that the group is well prepared for the tour.

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