Booking Terms & Conditions

1 .Understanding and acceptance of terms

You have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions, including as may be amended from time to time, in which Shekinah Tours, the tour facilitator, shall be known as the “Company”, which expression shall include its present and subsequent members, employees, servants, helpers, suppliers and/or agents, each of which shall have the benefit of and the right to enforce such terms and conditions.  

  1. Warranty

You warrant that all information you have provided or will provide to the Company, any entity or authority, whether or not in writing, in respect to your application for registration for the tour and the tour itself, is and shall remain true and accurate in all respects.

  1. Changes of prices, fees & costs

You accept that prices, fees and costs may be subject to changes without notice, including but not limited to those arising from currency fluctuations, increases in air fares, hotel rates, fuel surcharges, taxes and/or charges. Any price, fee or cost quoted, stipulated or certified by the Company at any time whatsoever shall be conclusive save for manifest error. 

  1. What the tour price excludes

The tour price excludes pre/post tour accommodation, room service, room minibar, beverages that are not included in the meal package, laundry service, chargeable internet services, telephone charges, porterage, unspecified meals or tours, excess baggage charges, passport and visa fees, personal and baggage insurance, travel insurance (unless specified), increases in fuel surcharge and taxes (including but not limited to airport taxes), tour price adjustments due to exchange rate fluctuations, fines of any kind, costs of purchases, and all other costs, fees or charges of a personal nature or as may be specified by the Company. 

  1. Deposit & Minimum Number

A non-refundable deposit as stated in the Tour Package is required upon your application to register for the tour.  An additional amount as likewise stated is also required for single supplement. This deposit must be paid before the tour deposit collection due date. All tour groups are based on a minimum number of participants. If this minimum number is not reached we reserve the right to cancel or re-cost this tour as appropriate. 

  1. Payment

You must adhere to the payment plan shown on Page 2 of this form. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if any of the payments are not received by the relevant due date. In the event of cancellation, the cancellation fees set out below will apply.

7 .Late Booking

Higher deposit payments are required for late bookings Full payment is required at the time of booking for all booking received within 4 weeks of departure. 

  1. Bookings on a shared basis

Bookings may be accepted when requested on a share room basis on the condition that the person/s requesting the share reservation agree that although every effort will be made to comply with requests – this is not always possible and we accept no responsibility for any incompatibility between persons sharing twin/triple rooms. No guarantee is given that a share room will be found. If a share room is not available at the time of final payment, either the single room alternative or the cancellation conditions set out will apply.

  1. Meals

Meals are as specified in the itinerary. If any meal is not served for any reason whatsoever there shall be no refund or replacement.   

  1. Accommodation

Accommodation for adults is usually based on sharing twin or double bedrooms at the nominated or similar standard hotels.  For those booking triple-share rooms, the third bed may be a “roll away” bed.  Extra beds may be requested at additional cost to be advised and subject to availability at the relevant hotel. While we endeavour to arrange accommodation based on the type of room and bed type requested, the Company shall not be responsible or liable if such cannot be provided by the relevant agent or hotel. The Company reserves right to change the accommodation to a similar class hotel should the need arise.   

  1. Health & Fitness

You will need to notify the Company of any medical condition, disability or mobility difficulty that may affect the functioning of the group. Any participant with a pre-existing medical condition or illness must declare the nature of such condition at the time of booking and make arrangement for the provision of any drugs or other cause of treatment that maybe required during the tour. We may decide at our absolute discretion not to include you in a tour or in any activity if we consider that you are unable to safely participate in that tour or activity as a result of a medical condition or otherwise, or if we consider that your participation may place the safety of other participants at risk. Any relevant health or mobility conditions not adequately disclosed may result in your immediate and direct return to your point of departure at your own expense and without availability of refund. We exclude all liability for any illness, injury or death sustained by you on tour as a result of any pre-existing medical condition. We will not be responsible for, and you agree to release us from, any liability arising out of any medical condition, illness or injury that you may suffer during the tour or as a result of the tour. You should consult your doctor or travel medical specialists in your home state before travel regarding any inoculations, medications & other health precautions that should be taken in relation to travel within the regions comprising your tours. 

  1. Right to Change Itinerary

The Company reserves the sole and absolute discretion to alter any route, itinerary and/or accommodation for any reason whatsoever and on such terms as it in its sole and absolute discretion deems fit without prior notice to any tour participant. 

  1. Changes in Airlines Schedules

We are not responsible for any schedule changes imposed by airlines. Whilst we will do our best to reschedule your touring and accommodation, we are not responsible for any additional costs nor services missed as a result of an airline-imposed schedule change.


  1. Visa, passport and other travel documents

While the Company may in its sole and absolute discretion assist in making visa applications, the Company cannot guarantee the approval of each such application.  It is the responsibility of each registrant to ensure that they possess a valid passport with a minimum of 7 months validity after the date of departure, and shall have the relevant visas, vaccinations and health certificates and all necessary travel documents as required by the relevant government authorities of the countries to be visited.  


  1. Baggage

Each aircraft passenger is permitted one piece of hand luggage and one piece of check-in baggage, the size and weight is dependent on the particular Airline that you are travelling on. Passengers are solely responsible to pay any excess baggage charges.  


  1. Proper behaviour and conduct

Each tour participant is expected to observe proper behaviour and conduct throughout the tour and to respect the customs (including dietary practices) and traditions of the countries of visit and the people therein. At all times, each tour participant shall be punctual, shall attend and participate in all tour activities and shall promptly comply with all directions of the tour guide and/or any tour leader, including but not limited to rotating coach seating arrangements during the period of the tour. By signing up for tours conducted by churches or Christian leaders, the participant understands that it is a 'Christian pilgrimage,' and will honour Biblical/Christian/traditional standards of morality and ethics at all times.


  1. Exclusion from Tour

You may be excluded from the tour at the discretion of the tour leader/tour guide if you fail to comply with our reasonable instructions while on tour, if you interfere with other tour participants’ enjoyment of the tour, if you jeopardise the safety of other tour participants, if you are engaged in illegal or undesirable behaviour, or if you otherwise become a hazard to yourself or other tour participants. You will not be entitled to a refund and we will not be responsible for any expenses that you may incur if you are excluded from a tour for any of these reasons.


  1. Responsibility and Liability

Every tour participant participates at his/her own risk of loss or injury to person and belongings. The Company  shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage, expense, injury or death whatsoever including but not limited to such arising, occurring, suffered or sustained directly or indirectly from any of the following during or in connection with the tour: (a) any delay, accident, mechanical or electrical breakdown, sickness, weather condition, strike, crime, illegal act or omission, act of hostility, terrorism, conflict, war, quarantine or natural disasters; or (b) the denial of any tour participant to board any aircraft or coach, or in the event any tour participant is deported or refused entry to any country or place by any immigration or other authority or for and on behalf of any entity for any reason; or (c) any act, omission, default or neglect of the Company whatsoever. The Company will not be responsible for the care of infants, children, elderly and handicapped participants. The Company reserves the right to politely refuse such participants should they be deemed to be incompatible with the group and/or as instructed by the tour leader/tour guide. 

The Company is only acting as an agent and will not be held responsible for any changes, acts of discretion or inconvenience caused by our suppliers and appointed agents.  In no case shall the Company or their employees or agents be liable for any causes outside their reasonable control or from any act of omission of the customer.

  The tour may be postponed for any reason whatsoever as stipulated in Clause 19. Any change of plan will have the approval of the Tour Leader(s) before being finalised. The Tour fee BEFORE Postponement and the Tour fee of the New Tour date may differ. The difference will be based on the costs to be incurred for the New Tour Date. If a tour participant decides to withdraw from the tour due to personal reasons, the tour participant may select OPTION 1, 2 or 3 below. A Response Slip will be sent to each tour participant.   Option 1 Postponement  If the Tour Leader(s) and Shekinah Tours jointly decide to postpone the tour to a later date, the monies that have been paid will be carried forward to the new tour date and there will be no refunds for the monies that have been paid.   Option 2 Find Your Own Replacement If a tour participant decides to find a replacement, the cost of replacement is 10% of the tour price per person. This is to cover all expenses affected by the change. Even though a tour participant selects Option 2 to find their own replacement, Shekinah will withhold 30% per person until the replacement Booking Form and Passport details of the replacement have been received by a date stipulated by Shekinah Tours. Once the replacement is finalised, Shekinah will refund 20% and retain 10% per person as explained above. The tour price is affected by the total number of tour participants. Please note that the withdrawal of tour participants will affect everyone who agrees to travel on the postponed date. Tour participants may have to pay a higher tour fee if there are no replacements found and if the final number of tour participants is less than the original number of tour participants.   Option 3 Withdrawing With No Replacement If you are unable to find your own replacement, this will be treated as a cancellation and Clause 20a will apply. Please note that a cancellation must be given in writing and cannot be changed to a replacement at a later date.  
  1. Amendment Fee
An administrative fee per person in addition to the imposed vendor’s charges will be levied for any amendment after reservation has been acted upon.  An amendment fee being levied does not constitute a transfer to another tour booked as requested by the passenger(s). Airfare extensions and deviations can be arranged with an extra fee. Please let us know at your earliest convenience if you want to apply for any changes so we can lock your seat to avoid any disappointment. Amendments made after payment may incur a service fee plus any charges applied by our operators/airlines.   
  1. Special Request
Any special requests (such as airlines seating or dietary requirements) made at the time of booking are on a request-only basis. We will do everything possible to accommodate such requests but cannot guarantee that these can be met in all instances.  
  1. No tour extension or rerouting
You shall not be permitted to extend your tour or to change any date of travel. Tickets once issued cannot be rerouted, negotiated, endorsed or refunded (whether or not used).    
  1. Refunds
You shall not be entitled to any refund of any amount paid in the event that you cancel your tour booking 10 days or less before your scheduled departure date, or if for any reason whatsoever your visa application is rejected by any authority, or you are deported, or cannot or elect not to commence or continue with the tour for any reason whatsoever, or if you do not, in part or in full, use or participate in any accommodation, meal, tour or any other service which is included in the tour fare.  
  1. Your indemnity to the Company
You agree to fully indemnify the Company forthwith upon request from and against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands whatsoever which may be instituted or made against the Company, including but not limited to those for damages, other relief, interest (as well after as before any judgment), costs (on an indemnity basis) and expenses whatsoever and howsoever directly or indirectly occurring to, suffered or sustained by or relating to any person, entity, authority or property wheresoever situated, as a result of any act or omission (whether negligent or not) of yours during or in connection with the tour.  
  1. Severability
Any terms or conditions herein which is or may become invalid, unenforceable, prohibited, unlawful or void in any respect under any law shall be ineffective to the extent only of such invalidity, unenforceability, prohibition, unlawfulness or voidness and without invalidating the rest of the said term or condition or the other terms and conditions herein.  
  1. Travel insurance
Travel Insurance is compulsory when you book a tour with the Company. This amount is an additional cost and is not included in your travel package. Under no circumstance is the Company responsible for the expenses of uninsured tour participants. Under no circumstances is the Company to be construed of as being a carrier under contract for the safe carriage of any passenger and/or his/her baggage and belongings. It is a condition of traveling with our tours that you have comprehensive travel insurance to cover you for the duration of your journey for costs associated with illness, injury, death, loss of or damage to baggage and personal items, cancellation, loss of deposit, medical and hospitalisation expenses, repatriation and curtailment expenses and accidental death or disability. The Company makes no presentations or guarantees concerning reimbursements of funds paid by you under any insurance claims. You agree not to hold the Company responsible for any decision made by insurers, and/or by any suppliers, or requirements of any foreign country, government authority or overseas laws and policies. Proof of insurance cover purchased is required to be submitted to us prior to departure.   
  1. Consumer claims:
We endeavour to ensure that all your arrangements proceed smoothly. Occasional problems can occur while you are away, in which case it is essential and most practical to try to resolve it locally with the provider of the service. If you fail to take these steps, any claim to compensation may be reduced or denied.   
  1. Translations of this Booking Form
This Booking Form may be translated into other languages for the benefit of non-English speaking tour participants. However, in the event of any legal disputes, the English language version will supersede any translations. It is therefore the responsibility of the tour participant to be fully aware of the contents of the English language version.