Listed below are some testimonials from various individuals detailing their experiences and reflections after returning from Israel.

Read the full report from our recent tour with the Chinese Methodist Churches of Australia with pictures

Rev Kam

“An interesting tour testimonial from Kairos was recounted to us by his Mum Elvina. Kairos visited Israel in 2018 when he was just three years old with his Mum & Dad, Reverend Kam Lee. Amazingly enough, he remembers every single detail about it to this day even though he is now six years old. He remembers the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee in Israel which lasted for about 45 minutes. The boat stopped in the middle of the Sea of Galilee where he enjoyed a picturesque view with doves flying around the boat. He recalls the moment when the tour participants prayed and then sang the worship songs “Ten Thousand Reasons” and “Still” thereafter they danced on the boat.

Kairos also did not forget the moment when he visited the Dead Sea where his skin started stinging due to the high concentration of salt in the water. The Dead Sea is known to be the lowest point on Earth and is one of the saltiest bodies of water leading to its name the "Dead sea" since no fish can survive in it. The minerals in the Dead Sea is also known to have renowned health and healing properties for various skin conditions and it's a fun activity for bathers because the water density makes you float. Little Kairos had a great time in Israel and he cannot wait to go back again.”

Ps Zina, VIC

“Your Tour is one I extremely enjoyed being on. God bless you Julie. May God prosper you in all your future endeavours to take people to Israel, to their roots and to experience God’s goodness as they walk on the land where Yeshua our Jewish Saviour walked”

Ps Shalen, NSW

“Baptism in the Jordan, was a great experience seeing the Biblical sites and walking on the paths where Jesus walked, was a dream come true. I was always praying for this experience and God made it possible. I feel very blessed.”

Ps Phillip/Irene, NSW

“I feel so privileged to be part of this Tour group. It made the scriptures come alive to me. I am going back with a renewed mind & heart.”

Jim, WA

“This trip has re-affirmed my belief that God is so real in my life”

Baby, WA

“Will come again through your organisation”

Chris, QLD

“Helped me see the Bible with more clarity”

Ps. Clive, VIC

“Excellent Tour. Well planned and monitored. Excellent group dynamics. Made many friends. Enjoyed devotions and site ministry.”

Laurene, VIC

“Excellent sites, Excellent worship service. Everything excellent. May God bless all concerned with the Tour”

Phillip, NSW

“For me personally the scriptures come to life. I have a new experience of Jesus Thank you for the opportunity to visit Israel”

Aru, SIN

“Trip planned was good and enjoyable. Received God’s blessing in seeing the Promised Land”

Carolvin, SIN

“Wonderful journey Spirit- filled”

Jane, WA

“Strong presence of God through the trip”

Ps Moses/Alice, NZ

“No words enough to say thank you Shekinah Tours. Best trip we ever had.”

Ena, VIC

“This trip has helped me to have a clearer understanding of the Old Testament. I will re-read it in the right perspective”

Allis, SIN

“This is the land of God Most High. It will remain His land- I will return again and again.”

Carol, VIC

“Well done really enjoyed the Tour!”

David, SIN

“A remarkable spiritual experience for me.”

During the fourth watch of the night Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake. (Matthew 14:25)