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Turkey holds a key place in Christian history right alongside of Israel. Some of history's most influential biblical figures walked this land: Paul's journeys took him through what is now Turkey several times; Noah stepped off the Ark onto Mount Ararat. It was here that God spoke to Abraham to leave his homeland and move to the land of Canaan, now Israel, where God would make of him a great nation; and it was a centre of the early church during the Byzantine Empire.

When Constantine split the Eastern and Western parts of his Empire, the Eastern capitol was placed in Byzantium and called Constantinople (It is known today as Istanbul).

The modern country of Turkey is home to all seven churches mentioned in the opening chapters of the Book of Revelation.

The maps of Turkey during Biblical time show the familiar Biblical names of Harran where Abraham lived; Antioch where the believers were first called Christians; Ephesus where a significant church was founded and where Paul's presence caused a riot; Tarsus where Paul was born; and Cappadocia where early Christians fled when persecuted.

Tour highlights

  • Visit the 7 churches of The Revelation.
  • Walk in the footsteps of Paul and John.
  • Swim in the mineral-rich spas with the view of the dazzling white travertine terraces in Pamukkale.
  • Come to Cappadocia - home to the very first Christians, and refuge for persecuted Christians in the early church
  • Visit the bustling city of Istanbul
  • Stroll along the streets of Ephesus, and visit the theatre where Paul proclaimed the gospel.
  • Explore Pisidian Antioch, a significant Biblical site where Paul preached his first recorded sermon on his first missionary journey.
  • See the ruins of Sardis, one of the most picturesque areas of the Seven Churches.
  • Visit St. John's Basilica, where the Apostle John was buried.
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